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Captain Frank Miller
Captain Frank Miller

Captain Frank Miller

A 28-year veteran in law enforcement, Captain Frank Miller has served within the Craig County Sheriff’s Office for two years, joining the office in 2017.

Within his role as captain he oversees the investigations and the patrol division. His specialties include: crime scene investigations; crimes against women and children; exploitation of elderly; school/workplace violence; and crisis intervention.

“When Sheriff Heath Winfrey was elected, I took a hard look at what he stood for, and I liked what I saw,” Miller said. “His moral compass is strong. He pledged to do the right thing every time. I saw him putting together an amazing team and I wanted in on the ground floor.”

“This was the best move of my entire law enforcement career.”

Miller got into law enforcement after starting a chaplaincy program while serving as a local pastor.

“I could see that one of the qualities that I bring to the table, compassion, was sometimes a rare commodity in a world that can be quite painful at times,” Miller said. “So I took that compassion, coupled it with a strong moral compass and a good work ethic, and put it into practice in the field of law enforcement.”

Miller said his favorite part of law enforcement is working with the vulnerable members his community: children, women, elderly, indigent, handicapped, and the disenfranchised.

“I firmly believe law enforcement officers are wired differently than other people,” Miller said. “You can't teach someone courage. You can't train someone to automatically run toward the sound of gunfire.”

“Qualities such as compassion, bravery and the willingness to stand between violent criminals and their would-be victims, are part of the very fiber of our being, the fabric with which our life has been knitted. Some are created with these qualities; and a few of those become excellent law enforcement officers.”

Miller said his faith in God defines who he is as a person, and as a law enforcement officer.

“Where I am in my career is a result of much prayer,” Miller said. “I am confident that every call I go on, God goes with me to give me wisdom, safety and the tools necessary to protect and serve the citizens of Craig County with dignity and respect.”

Sgt. Ryan Robison

Sgt. Ryan Robison has served with Craig County Sheriff’s Office for three years. He is in his 10th year in law enforcement. He previously served in the U.S. Army and is a combat veteran.

He got into law enforcement to “continue to serve my community.” His favorite part is being able to help his community.